The Expedition In Estonia!

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Message: Is there a journey you’ve been talking out of yourself for all these years?

Your imagination isn’t what you think it is. Make it happen because you can do experience that journey!

It’s easier than you think.

Estonian Body Language

Hands. Most Estonians have similar body language cues like each nation has its own language. They usually fold their hands in public places. 

Facial expression. Non-smiley and usually stare at others without uttering a word. 

Standing. Submissive, static and unemotional. 

In my time in the gorgeous land (=Estonia), I have come across similar body language signs wherever I go. They have the same body language whether they’re with their loved ones or friends. You’d think they’d be more open to their family members, friends and spouses in terms of non-verbal communication. They are not. How could that be so? I cannot ask them because they wouldn’t know. Below is why:

There is a story about two young fish swimming along and they happen to meet an older fish swimming the other way, says “Good Morning, boys. How’s the water?” And the two young fish swim on for a bit further, and then eventually one of them looks over at the other and goes “What the hell is water?”

The main message of the story is that we humans have a hard time explaining our daily activities because we get used to it. It’s an outsider person who usually spots on the matter. It’s my task to figure out why and how could that be so…

Estonians and Estonian Russians have utterly different body languages! In the next segment, I will be discussing how and why they are different as I understand it. 

The Most Beautiful Word In Estonian


Kena literary means “nice”. Nevertheless, it means more than nice. It splendidly captures the feeling and transports (that feeling) better than the words like “nice” and “good”.s

Observe how Estonians feel when you utter it. Pay attention to their facial and body expressions. If you’re not in Estonia yet, use it when you are here next. 

Until then, may I reach out across the time and the space which separate us and wish you a healthy lifestyle.

Business in Ida-Virumaa County, Estonia



This part of “the gorgeous land”, there are many business opportunities and the observant; the determine person will be successful.

Followings are three useful steps

1. Identifying

First, we must know what are the demands of the people of K-Jarve and Johvi. Of course they need foods, drinks, clothes, education, entertainment and so on. Now, we must ask ourselves —what are we passionate about? Let’s say some of us are good at cooking, supply it. Some of us are passionate about fashion, get into that! Some people are interested in teaching, start tutoring. Some people are organisers, start entertainment event. The young people of these two towns are bored. They will be happy to come together a place where they can get some vibe and meet others. The main need in here is entertainment!

2. Creating

Now we’ve identified the needs of the potential customers and what we are passionate about and our next step is to clear the obstacle of our road and that is our doubt. We come up with excuses to stop us making in reality what we think we can and want to do. We may say to ourselves after reading this information that we cannot make it because we do not have any money or experience or connection — people who will help us, or the time to make it happen or so on. 

If we believe in ourselves, we’ll succeed no matter what we do not have. What we already have is enough. In fact, it is more than enough! Idea, plan and self-belief will win us for the confidence of others. 

Now, we put those excuses aside, we have to go to forth to the task. We create what we thought of. Paper and pencil and write down the idea, accordingly, answer these questions—what do you want to do? And who are you going to see about your plan?

3. Delivering

After having done the first two steps, we are ready to go public with our product or service (whatever we’ve decided in the “identifying” section). Furthermore, we must identify our potential customers so we can separate them from bystanders. In other words, we cannot knock every door we come across. After all, that would be wasting time and effort and it will lead to disappointment. Moreover, we cannot afford to scatter our concentration. We want to concentrate on the people who need our service or product. After all, success comes, when it comes, from concentrating on one thing all our energy and intellect. 


People need for new services and products. Thus, there are business opportunities and it depends on what you’re passionate about. Remember the opportunity is always found in our surroundings. We can make things better or change it. Do not search it in the distance. Opportunity is where you are now! 

Beautiful Yet Unknown!

Only few people know where this country is…


Its people are difficulty to approach…

Its females are among the most beautiful creatures on earth…

Its language is hard to learn…

Wild flowers
Estonian women in traditional garment
Bogs in Estonia

Its nature is everything…

More than half of its landscape is covered by bogs and forests…

There are hundreds of wild animals which cannot be seen elsewhere…

Its weather is too cold like its people…

It’s a small country…

Yet, it’s a beautiful country!

It’ll have a place for you whatever your story is—





What To Do In Ida-Virumaa County!

When you come to Estonia, visit the Ida-Virumaa County; go to the forest —the silent trees and grass, the open field of greens, the fresh air, befriend with nature, if others won’t join you, leave them behind, leave your past behind you—where it belongs, study your thought, leave what destroys you, society, schedules, work you despise, seek what supports you, your dreams, accomplishment, goals and so on. It means follow your heart.

Go to the seaside in Saka and Toila and wash yourself with the sand, swim, sit on the rocks and see beyond the horizon of the sea, use your imagination, examine the society, do not leave until you are a new you. When you are ready to go to your new home, leave there all your fears, doubts and insecurities. Start your new life. Enjoy your health lifestyle in Estonia.


On Sat 29th of July, I joined a group of people who were nature lovers, so we walked about 6 km and explored the forest in Kurtna.

The hiking trail is in Kurtna landscape reserve and starts in the parking area of the campfire site by Lake Martiska. Unique on this hiking trail are the numerous lakes that are located close to one another, and the possibility to see very different lake types, enjoy the beauty of the bog and the mosaic pattern of the terrain and vegetation!

RMK manages the Estonian forests in Idu-Virumaa. The guides were friendly, professional, knowledgeable about their work. Particularly, Marina and Marina were brilliant ladies. Check the RMK group, you’d like what they offer!