Roaming As Remedy


In times like these, roaming, not self–help, is the remedy to lack of self–confidence, self–esteem, self–worth and self–initiative. 

In times like these, the challenge is to be free from corporate marketers who have poisoned the education system, government institutions, social media and the traditional media outlets. They use stories to seduce the masses and they’re succeeding. 

The stories of self–help gurus are all the same. You’re worth how much money you have in your account— how many people follow you on social media — what university you attended— and how many friends you have!

People are unprepared to deal with reality both emotionally and psychologically. Because they’ve been bombarded with lies and cheap advices from self–gurus. Thus, people “live in hiding” and terrified to face reality!

“What must I do to inherit eternal life?” Fyodor Pavlovich Karamazov asks of Father Zossima in “The Brothers Karamazov.” book and Zossima answers: “Above, all do not lie to yourself.”

It is time to be honest with ourselves. It’s time to walk alone. It is time to think. It’s time to reflect. It’s time to roam across the globe. Only then, we will find our own path.



Roamer For Life


“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.” 

Leonardo da Vinci

Life favours the roamers. They are go–getters. They’re courageous. They initiate. They’re not afraid of the unknown world! They have sublime faith in themselves. They focus on what they can do. And they do it!


It is better to be a roamer. It is good to be less cautious and more courageous than to be stagnant. That is the essence of life.


Why Roaming Alone Is Good


“The man who goes alone can start today; but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready.” – Henry David Thoreau

There are three main benefits of roaming by yourself. The first benefit is freedom. You will go wherever you want and see whoever you want to see without restraints of family members or friends. 

The second reason why you ought to roam alone is that you will come out of your comfort zone and you’ll talk to strangers. People are nice to strangers when they’re alone and frighten and lonely! Moreover, you’ll learn a new language.

Finally, you should roam alone because you will learn a lot about yourself and you’ll tear down all the lies you’ve been telling yourself about yourself!

Roaming alone is a good way to clean up assumptions and preconceived ideas.


Why Do Estonians Adore Flowers?


The compressed answer is that they love nature.

Estonians were farmers back in the day. About hundred years ago, most farmers migrated to towns and cities for better life, as advertised by marketers!

When you love nature and live in a town. It means you can’t be in the countryside most of your times because of the constraint of every day life. You do whatever you can to satisfy your need for nature! 

Flowers are convenient. They are beautiful. They have different colours and aromas. They represent the beauty of nature. 

These Females Are Brilliant!

Librarians I WRITE this piece to remember the ladies (above) who’ve helped me since I’ve been in Estonia.

Had it not been for these ladies, I’d of surely been only a traveller(only knowing what the advertisers want to sell to the visitors), or just an academic, or possibly a drifter.

Larissa is an Estonian Russian. She’s a caring and happy lady.She introduced me to attraction places, voluntarily. She drove me to places and showed me historical venues. Moreover, she introduced me to a local journalist. She’s active and helpful! Therefore, if I were going to describe her in word, it’d be – happy!

Kaire is an Estonian. She’s not your typical Estonian lady! She’s friendly and open. She’s a living proof that Estonians aren’t all quiet and reserved. There are many people like Kaire. One of her characteristics is that she defines femininity. She’s loving, caring and observant.

Tiiu is an Estonian lady. She’s a quiet lady. She is cool and calm. If I must stereotype Estonians, she’s a proper Estonian in that sense. She is good at finding out information about Estonia. She is private and likes to stay lay–low. Her character is:researcher.

Helve is (not in the picture) also an Estonian. She’s active and polite. She’s ready to do whatever she can to help the members of the library. She’s fond of her grandchildren and spends a great deal of her time with them when she isn’t at work. She has an amazing personality although she doesn’t say much, I can tell that from her body language. Her character is: active!

For me, every day is a New Year. And new year is just another day. I wish you all the best of every day of your lives! 

Estonia and Religions

Estonian is one of the least religious country on earth. It means that most of its citizenry don’t believe in Creator, God, Lord, Allah (choose your simile). They stopped believing in the religion of their distant forefathers. They used to be religious people before the illegal invasion of the Soviet Union in 1940. They were Lutheran, Methodist, Catholics, Christian Orthodox and Old Believers. 

These sects of Christianity and Russian Orthodox were brought to Estonia by their colonial masters. Back in a day, Estonians were either Pagans or Old Believers, an indigenous faith. 

The Soviet Union imposed on Estonian (and others in other countries) no religion policy. Churches and Mosques were forbidden. When the Soviet collapsed in 1990 and Estonia became an independent in 1992/94, people have continued not believing in God. 

Today Estonians despise the Soviet Era. Of course they have every right to do so. I concur with them on that. Nevertheless, they still have some of the Soviet habits; namely, loyal for the government (Bolshevik Party in the case of the Soviet) whether it’s right or wrong, and atheism.


Justice For Children.


The worst crimes were dared by a few, willed by more and tolerated by all.Tacitus

You were born into turmoil and military occupation. Imperial soldiers walk into your home anytime they feel like it. You have no rights in your own land.

Now you’re a 16 year-old girl and jailed with your mother and a female cousin because you simply told the imperial soldiers to leave your home alone! 

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Ahed’s reality like her father. Military occupation, checkpoints and harassment. 

Feminists are silent. EU countries are silent. Human rights watch and amnesty international are silent. Because they agree with the crimes against the Palestinians. As Tacitus, Roman historian reminds us that the Palestinian genocide has been orchestrated by Europeans, North Americans and Australians, and tolerated by all.

Her name is Ahed Tamimi. She is a 16 year-old Palestinian girl. She’s been in jail for three weeks with her mother and a female cousin. 

Ahed woke up with Jewish soldiers in her home.
Palestinian child was dragged by Jewish soldiers.