Lada and Larissa


Lada choir connects three generations – Maria, Larissa and Anya. 

I met Larissa in June. Larissa is Estonian Russian and she active. She works most of her waking hours. She walks fast. She is happy most of the time. At least I have not caught her angry. Like most of us, she has her down sides nevertheless she remains professional. She has a grown up daughter named Anya and she’s married with 2 young children. She lives in Tallinn. When  Larissa is not at work, she entertains her 80 year-old mother, Maria either going to her garden or taking her to places. 

Larissa is an attractive lady. Her personality is magnetic. Her genuine smile and curiosity makes you wonder what she is like outside of work. In addition to that, she has a good organisation skill. She plans events at library and she fulfils members’ needs satisfactorily. 


Estonian Culture


Yesterday evening I watched men and women dancing in Old Town by the Town Hall, Tallinn. They attracted huge crowds from different parts of the world.

Tallinn Town Hall

They were wearing their traditional clothes (see the picture). When they finished their performance, they immediate wore their every day clothes—jeans and jackets.

Of course there are many interesting questions an outsider and observer can ask— Why celebrate at all? Why are they wearing these clothes? Why are they all wearing the same clothes? And why are they so different from the ones they wear every day of the week?

Conclusion: we all have our own unique culture. Sometimes the things we practice are strange to other cultures. Therefore, we must preserve our judgment when we come cross some peculiars. We often forget, we too have our own strange practices.

Business Opportunity In Estonia


  1. Customer Service;
  2. Marketing Agency;
  3. Cohesion Venue;
  4. National Tourism Transport;
  5. Vegetable Market;
  6. Online Library;
  7. Research Centre.

These are some of the business opportunities I’ve noticed since I’ve been in Estonia. If we pay attention, we’ll find out that there are lots of opportunities. 

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Business Opportunity In Estonia? 

“The smallest hair throws its shadow.” —GOETHE

“It is the close observation of little things which is the secret of success in business, in art, in science, and in every pursuit of life.” —SMILES. 

“Do little things now, so shall big things come to you by and by asking to be done.” —PERSIAN PROVERB


OPPORTUNITIES are everywhere. All we need is to notice the little things in life and improve, or change them.

If that goes unnoticed because of our default settings (routines), we can think of one thing we need and we can’t find it. Chances are some other people are seeking for it too. And then supply it.

There is a great need for good customer services in our time and the persons who can supply that, they will make a difference in cultures. In Estonia, there is customer service opportunity. If you enjoy rendering a good service and good with people, consider it!

How to start

You must do your own homework. Leave nothing in chance. Take care of the little things. 

Three main areas:

  1. Background — history
  2. Find the decision makers. You don’t want to waste your time with secretaries. 
  3. Be nice no matter what come may. 

Identify three main companies, organisations or government ministries you want to do business with and contact them day and night! Creativity comes handy when contacting established groups. 

Send emails.  Visit them in person and manage to talk to the decision makers. Be polite and direct. 

If you are determined, you will find a way. Remember Hannibal when things get tough: “I will either find a way or make one.”

#2 Business Opportunity In Estonia

LiibaanIn Estonia, there is a demand for a new and dynamic marketing adventure!

Marketing Marketing Marketing

What you need

  • Creativity.
  • Sublime self-belief.
  • Unwavering decision-making ability. 

Estonians may not answer your emails. They may not direct you to the right places. That mustn’t discourage you. They mean no harm. Most cases they don’t know what to do or to say. 

We can only make the best out of life by knowing and understanding ourselves. And we must use our faculties and persuasion skills to achieve all we set our mind on. Millions of people acquire useful information and do nothing with. Don’t be assigned to that. Idea is nothing without action. It can be done when you are ready. After all, you are the director and the producer of your film. It is your business story, not others.  

Business Opportunity In Estonia!

Invitation for Worldwide IT People “Smart and innovative Estonia is glad to test new ideas and technologies. Estonia meets the requirement of having a flexible legal environment and a capable development community,” the government’s press said.


According to the government, Estonia has two main goals in tech business: artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles.

In any rate, if you have an idea and want to start your own venture business, Estonia is a good place for that.

What Do You Need?

There are three things you need:

  1. Idea;
  2. Motivation;
  3. Perseverance (Patience).

Remember all these are free to anyone of us!


Additional business info:

Business info from

#4 Where To Visit In Estonia?

Ida-Virumaa County Map

This is the most beautiful county in Estonia. It has long beaches, huge parks, lakes, forests, castles and bogs. Moreover, its people speak two languages; Estonian and Russian. 

Where to start?

Kohtla-Järve. All other places are within reach!


Kohtla-Järve was founded on 1946. It is fifth largest city in Estonia and the 2nd largest city in Ida-Virumaa County. The city administered six districts which are miles apart, e.g. 40km farthest. 

Citizens are thus follow: 70% Russian origins, 20% Estonians, the rest 10% are either Ukrainians, Belarusians, Tatars and other ethnic groups. 

Where to visit in Kohtla-Järve?

The cultural centre, the two men monument, the forest park, the gorgeous park and the lake! 

#3 Where To Visit In Estonia?

Valaste Waterfall is the highest waterfall in Estonia. It is about 333 meters high! It located in Ida-Virumaa County and it’s 8 km from Kohtla-Järve and Toila is only 7 km away. 

It is open to all people throughout the year. The best time to observe the Waterfall is during the summer. 

DSC_0260.JPGEach one of these padlocks represent marriage between a man and woman. People get married there. The padlock says: Welcome to the married life, sex, commitment, love, hate, confusion and happiness! 

Where you can stay

Kuldkaru Mõis


Double room is €40.

Single room is €30.

What I think

It is a good place to relax and experience the life of the countryside.

#2 Where To Visit In Estonia


Toila is a town for people who want to relax and have peace. It is a small and quiet town! It has one of the best parks in Europe! It is romantic. It has a long beach. And you will hardly see people on the beach!

Toila Termid Hotel

Where to stay

You can stay Toila Termed or Victor’s hostel between Valaste and Toila.

How much does the bus ticket cost?

From Tallinn to Toila the bus ticket is about € 6/7 and the duration between the two places is about 2 hours. Though it depends on what time of the day you’re travelling. Morning and afternoon are good time to travel. You can also get to see the beauty of Estonian landscapes.

Toila Beach (19th Oct 2017)
Toila Sea.
Toila Park (A view From Above.)
Toila Park

What I think

I personally like Estonia because it is peaceful and quiet country. Moreover, it is beautiful in terms of nature. It has gorgeous landscapes; lakes, rivers, islands, beaches, forests, bogs and so on. Toila is my kind of town.

Strange Clothes


Why are they all wearing the same clothes? And why are they so different from the ones they wear every day of the week? Why do they have two big choirs every five years? 

To the Estonians, these questions do not come to their minds at all. After all, these practices are normal and part of their culture. 

To an observant outsider, these are crucial questions. 

Lesson: for those of us who are not Estonians, we too have our own strange practices. Therefore, we must accept other people’s cultures.