Understanding Estonia



Swedish Rule

From 1558 – 1710.

Russia’s Tsar Rule

Russians won the war against the Swedes and administered Estonia till end of the dynasty of Tsar in 1917. 

Soviet Russia

1940 – 1991

European Union


In 2011 Estonia adapted EU currency. 



Celebrity Culture & Oral Sex

“Men who perform oral sex on women are more likely to get a rare form of mouth and throat cancer, new research is warning.”

First, I must confess that I’m one of those people who believe that sex should be something only discuss in private. Having said that, when it affects our cultures, we must speak out about it. This is a matter of life. 

In celebrity culture, sex is commodity. Marketers use sex to sell their products and services. Advertisers do. Politicians use sex to sell their ideas. Film directors use sex to publicise their movies. Thus, sex is a powerful tool.

When people walk away from their own indigenous cultures and adapt to the celebrity culture, they find themselves in unfavourable situations. Culture and health go hand-in-hand.

Below is an article which illustrates the point.

Sex Partners 

The risk is lower among women who had less than five oral sex partners in their lifetimes. 

“An estimated eight out of 10 British adults will be infected with the HPV virus at some point in their lives.”

HPV 16 can trigger cervical and throat cancer while HPV 18 can only trigger cervical cancer.

Men who perform oral sex on women more likely to get mouth and throat cancer

It is transmitted to the mouth and throat mostly by performing oral sex and appears to cause about 70 per cent of cancers around the throat area. 

These oropharyngeal cancers can appear at the back of the throat, base of the tongue, or tonsils.”

Recent Years 

“HPV-related cancers approximately tripled in British men and doubled in British women between 1995 and 2011. 

Among men who did not smoke, cancer-causing oral HPV was rare among everyone who had less than five oral sex partners, although the chances of having oral HPV infection did increase with number of oral sexual partners, and with smoking.

Women ages 20 to 69, for example, had a frequency of infection of just over 1 per cent, compared to 6 per cent for men ages 20 to 69. 

Men ages 50 to 59 were most likely to have an infection at 8.1 per cent of any age group. 

Oral sex was clearly associated with a higher prevalence of infection.”

Stay away from it.

Obesity In Estonia

When, in 2012, I first arrived in Estonia one of the things I noticed was the figure of females! They (majorities) were slender. They were like athletes. They were attractive. 

Five years later that has changed. 30% of females and males are overweight in Estonia, according to the government stats. By observing people in the streets I believe the number is higher than that, for example, every 3 females, one is overweight.

What’s going on? Estonians look up to their Scandinavian neighbours and other Western countries in the name of “the good life” which rests on big salaries (Palgad in Estonian). Thus, they have changed their Estonian culture and have adapted to the celebrity culture. Thus, they’ve changed their diets. (Incidentally, these 11 countries have the highest female obese in the EU: Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden and the UK.)

Fast foods kill in slow motion!

Young and middle-aged Estonians consume foods from KFC, McDonald’s and Hesburger. Moreover, they have engaged less labour work and spend long hours before the computers, smartphones and television.

An Estonian elder lady: “young people don’t work”.

Therefore, people become obese in Estonia. It’s utterly “cultural change”; namely, food and work activities. Estonia is achieving culture change. 


Fasting is a good way to replace the bad diet habits. Most people struggle to change their habits of eating bad foods. Fasting forces you to change your way of eating and get into new way of eating the right foods. Try it. You will gain a lot from it.  

Autumn In Estonia

“Life is a storm, my young friend. You will lie in the sunlight one moment, be shattered on the rocks the next. What makes you a person is what you do when that storm comes.”
― Alexandre Dumas



During the summer, the trees wear green and tend to be happy! They dance and sing throughout the day! 

And now, autumn, they are beginning to change their colour. They are static. And feel cold as we do in this time of the year (do not think trees don not have feelings.)

While they look good in their orange colour, I prefer them in green. They are happier in green, I sense it!

Lesson: there is nothing permanent in this beautiful life! Things are changing all the time (I adore the present tense). Nature is changing. We’re changing too. Our behaviour is changing. Our physical strength is changing. 

When we face a tough situation, we mustn’t lose hope. After all, it will change sooner or later. Stay human! 

Another Way Of Learning


“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” ― Buckminster Fuller

A few words in Estonian:

Tere = Hello

Friday = Reede

What time is it? = Mis Kell on?

The old way of learning or doing business is obsolete. It’s time we must find a new way of learning. 


What Estonian Buildings Tell Us…

Culture Centre in Kohtla-Jarve
Lutheran Church in Tallinn (in front of the Freedom Square)
Tallinn buildings with orange and red roofs
Lovely Kaire 

These buildings do not only make Estonia unique, they are also expressions of their personalities.

If we want to understand a nation, we must pay attention to their architectures. After all, people express their own vanities through buildings and art.

Buildings are:


Small in sizes

Good height…


(There are more details in the book.)