Forget about the conventional way of learning a language. Forget about the grammar thing. Forget about what teachers say. Forget about your shyness. Go after what you want in life! Because you can do it!

Do these three simple things

  1. Learn 100 words every day;

  2. Translate them. Understand their meaning;

  3. Go to the town centre and use some of the words you’ve learnt. If you do not live in Estonia, go online and seek the same people who are interested in the language! 

Bringing it all together

How long will it take you to gather one hundred words? Roughly, it’ll take you about 11 minutes. Another 11 minutes of understanding their meaning. Imagine you do that four or five days a week! And you make a commitment in 90 days! You’d be surprised how fast things happen when you gather 100 words a day!




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