When you come to Estonia, visit the Ida-Virumaa County; go to the forest —the silent trees and grass, the open field of greens, the fresh air, befriend with nature, if others won’t join you, leave them behind, leave your past behind you—where it belongs, study your thought, leave what destroys you, society, schedules, work you despise, seek what supports you, your dreams, accomplishment, goals and so on. It means follow your heart.

Go to the seaside in Saka and Toila and wash yourself with the sand, swim, sit on the rocks and see beyond the horizon of the sea, use your imagination, examine the society, do not leave until you are a new you. When you are ready to go to your new home, leave there all your fears, doubts and insecurities. Start your new life. Enjoy your health lifestyle in Estonia.


On Sat 29th of July, I joined a group of people who were nature lovers, so we walked about 6 km and explored the forest in Kurtna.

The hiking trail is in Kurtna landscape reserve and starts in the parking area of the campfire site by Lake Martiska. Unique on this hiking trail are the numerous lakes that are located close to one another, and the possibility to see very different lake types, enjoy the beauty of the bog and the mosaic pattern of the terrain and vegetation!

RMK manages the Estonian forests in Idu-Virumaa. The guides were friendly, professional, knowledgeable about their work. Particularly, Marina and Marina were brilliant ladies. Check the RMK group, you’d like what they offer!


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